Ohio Township

Ohio Township Fire Department - Station 1



14,500 SF




New Facility

Due to growth in the area, OTFD’s Station 1 had to be relocated. A new site and facility plans were established through a comprehensive feasibility study, and the new facility is functionally equivalent to Station 2 that VPS completed in 2020. Station 1 includes an apparatus bay for up to six vehicles, staff offices, bunk rooms, a day room, kitchen, fitness facilities, and accommodations for local EMS that are separate from the firestation living quarters. Several design review meetings took place with the fire department to accurately determine scope for the station and integrate all equipment needs. The budget for the fire station was tracked throughout the design phase to determine the best size of the new station; the construction budget was based on a cost-per-square-foot analysis and the building design was based on the needs of the department as well as the needs of the community.