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Indiana Memorial Union – Food & Dining Services Renovation



26,800 SF





Food & Dining Services Renovation

Sitting in the heart of the Bloomington campus for more than a century, the Indiana Memorial Union has invited guests to connect, relax, study, celebrate and eat. A detailed study of the historic features of the IMU served as the basis for the aesthetic development of eight new foodservice concepts and adjacent dining rooms on the Lobby and Main Levels. The location of these dining areas intersects the 1932 building and the 1960 hotel addition. A complex web of structural columns originally resulted in several small, segmented venues with a difficult circulation path. This renovation opened most of the space between columns and resolved circulation issues with clearly defined nodes between key points in the building. The new restaurants offer distinct menu options and are designed to embrace the historic charm of the Indiana Memorial Union. The project also includes two entertainment spaces with stages, flexible seating areas and a new full-service pub.