This past year undoubtedly challenged our economy. We wanted to capture feedback from thought leaders across the state to learn what we have been doing successfully and what we can achieve together as we move towards 2022. 

This white paper includes observations from 22 Hoosier thought leaders throughout various market sectors to gain insight into their perspectives on the future of Indiana’s economy.

We asked the following five questions:

  1. How do you feel your organization contributes to Indiana with regards to positioning our state for positive economic growth?
  2. How do you believe Indiana recovered from 2020 and what is your expectation of our state’s ability to capture more opportunities for growth for the rest of 2021? What are some of our state’s strengths? Provide a ranking on a scale from 1 (pessimistic) to 10 (very optimistic) with regards to how well you believe we recovered from 2020 and the level of opportunities presenting themselves in 2021?
  3. What are some things we can do better as educational leaders, business owners, community members and economic development leaders with regards to better positioning Indiana against other surrounding states?
  4. What rating would you give Indiana collectively on a scale of 1 (challenging) to 10 (very bright) for our 2022 and beyond? How do we ensure we stay competitive as a state in the future? Are there some specific markets you believe we should bring to Indiana and sustain their growth here?
  5. Any other thoughts you would like to share with regards to Indiana’s economic future?

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