Report Summary: “Looking to 2019 and beyond, healthcare leaders must track the rapidly evolving sector on myriad fronts. Amid a constant flow of genomic startups, they wield a growing understanding of the science behind data, and are learning better ways to utilize clinical informaticists and artificial intelligence. They must adapt to healthcare reforms, engage the “internet of things,” ensure price transparency and pursue a strategic approach to the patient experience. And the list goes on.

“In [The Convergence of Healthcare Delivery in the U.S.], we shared perspectives from over 25 healthcare thought leaders on how their organizations are addressing the move from the old volume-based model to value-based care, and to the advent of virtual health in hospitals. In this second healthcare report, 20 thought leaders relate how the design of hospitals and related facilities incorporate virtual health, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things to elevate patient experience.

Click the button below to download and read the second Healthcare Report “The Future of Healthcare Buildings” that our VP of Client Relationships and Strategy, Lisa Feeley, helped produce.